Fast & Furious | NBL All-Star Weekend | Zhou Qi Departs

The action has been coming fast & furious over the last week, with games occurring daily! Hence there was plenty for Nic to break down.

We first looked at all the notable news to come out from the week, with the news that NBL All-Star Weekend might be returning; certainly exciting, Nic. News that Zhou Qi was also departing the Phoenix to return to China was a bit talking piece to come out of the week.

As mentioned, the action has been fast & furious. Therefore Nic took the chance to discuss some of the critical notes to come out of a phenomenal week of games. Keanu Pinder is running riot over the JJs and the shoot-out between Creek & Walton Jr, both featuring on this week’s show.

The lads have one more episode before Christmas rolls around! Therefore they’ve decided to fire up the old mailbag… We would love for you guys to send all your questions in to be featured on this week’s show… They can be basketball or non-basketball-related; we would love to tackle them all.

You can send them in via our social media channels, which can be found via the link below.

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