#132 Tuesday Show | Got any points?

Pat Beverley
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

Time has stood still. The universe was out of line. But! All have been corrected. The lads are back to give you all the deep dives in the NBA, talking about the good, bad and ugly ducklings. First, the lads get into weekends, where they always cover their shenanigans from the past week. After that, there is a little tangent on all things polizia and 5-0 … alleged offences and whatnot.

From there, the boys dive deeper into all things NBA starting with the magnificent Magic, the delightful Dallas Mavericks and the tear-away Timberwolves. All of these teams highlight our good in the week of NBA. Then, the not-so-good. Patrick Beverly, the association’s MVP-level injuries and the bad bean-town boys (Boston Celtics) highlight the bad of the show. Make sure you stick around for the ugly ducklings! Are you in or out on Chet Holmgren?

The Cover AU: 00:00:18
Weekends: 00:00:50
NBA Good: 00:26:50

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