#133 Tuesday Show | New Years tidings from the “Udder” guys

Luka Doncic
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

It’s been too long! But the boys are back, all three of them, to share their holiday tidings and bring in the new year laughing over some hilarious metaphors.

We break down the stories of Sherpa’s travels and the uneventful holiday period. There are several minor detours as we explore some questionable fashion sense and sunrise trips on New Years’ Day.

But the main event: we break down the Good and the Bad and provide a quick overview of the overall NBA landscape. Are the Celtics and the Nets the real deal? Is Denver faking it? All-time high scoring in the NBA?! Tune in for more of our epic shit takes.

Behind the scenes: 00:00:45
Holiday Recap & Sherpa Stories: 00:01:30
The Good: 00:21:04
The Bad: 00:54:49
Landscape Tings: 00:57:26

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