#134 Tuesday Show | Foot Fetish

Lebron James
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

The boys are back in the studio and go on some crazy tangents this week as we talk all things NBA! We even sprinkle in some NRL chat to keep egg-shaped ball lovers happy as we wipe the tears from Lach’s eyes over the devastating Critter news. We also begin to wonder if Matty B should consider becoming a foot model, considering his own foot fetish.

Are you Schmarter than a Sherpa’s Homework is back, taking us on a quick whiz through the NBA All-Star history. And, of course, we break down the good, the bad and the ugly ducklings from this week’s NBA: more LeBron praise, the Warrior’s record on the road, and is Kawhi back?!


Behind the scenes: 00:00:45
Banter: 00:01:48
NRL Chat: 00:08:30
Weekends: 00:20:39
Sherpa’s Homework: 00:34:15
The Good: 00:58:11
The Bad: 01:12:23
The Ugly Ducklings: 01:22:46

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