#135 Tuesday Show | w/ Nick from The Daily Dribble

Joel Embiid and Giannis Antentekoumpo
Photo Credit: Getty Images/Cover Art

It has been too long since we last talked shop with the Daily Dribble boys, but here is our first cross-over pod of the New Year!

The lads break down all there is to break down the NBA All-Stars voting and even cover the parts of the event that we don’t care about. When Nick joins the show, the conversation quickly shifts to the NBL, as Lach and Matt cover their experience at the Kings game (“invites”, says the Sherpa) and Nick’s excitement for the NBL playoffs. See if you can spot Sherpa’s shitty Segment shifting; he is fine-tuning his editing skills.

Finally, the boys make bold predictions about what is coming in the NBA season.


Behind the Scenes: 00:00:34
Weekend and NBL chat: 00:01:39
All-Star Chat: 00:25:03
All-Star Events we don’t care about: 01:09:06
Bold Predictions for the end of 2022 Season: 01:30:44
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