Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure | Rui Becomes A Laker | All-Star Shakeup

After concluding our two-part mid-season review series last week, this week’s team tackled players under pressure heading into the last half of games and beyond into the playoffs. As Nic commonly likes to say, diamonds are made under pressure! And these players are no doubt under a lot of stress.

We also spoke about Laker’s latest trade acquisition in Rui Hachimura. They’ll undoubtedly hope this catalyzes their playoff push. In addition, we discussed the upcoming changes to the All-Star game set to be held in Salt Lake City. This change will undoubtedly add another dimension to the event.

This week’s call to action centres around sharing! If you’ve any friends or family out there who are basketball fans, we’d be very appreciative if you shared the show with them… It’ll undoubtedly aid in our quest for global domination.

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