#148 Tuesday Show | Fearless Leaderless

Dolphins NRL Players
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It is the takeover episode! Lach and the Sherpa enjoyed the last time they ran solo so much that they decided a second spin-off show was overdue.

As we wish Matty B a speedy recovery, the boys go rogue to talk oval ball on a TUESDAY?! The cheek of it!! But this happens when the kingdom’s keys are taken over, and the Doc Guy gets free reign.

The boys chat through Lach’s hunt for a new car, the Sherpa’s stories from his time on the road and the updates on his training towards the… what was it he was training for again??? The boys even get a little tangentially political today… It is tough out there without a fearless leader guiding the way.

And after all of that, the boys ramble for way too long about the week of rugby league that was. Unfortunately, the early record means no pre-review this week, but the quality review should more than make up for it!

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Weekends – 00:01:11
NRL Fantasy Recap – 00:22:59
Team of the Week: 00:29:22
NRL Review – 00:34:47

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