NBL Season Grading | Adelaide Crash and Burn | Cairns Slither On Up

The NBL has now come and gone for another season; hence now is the time to reflect on the season that was. Nic, this week, tackling the task of grading all ten teams based on the success or failures of their respective seasons.

It was hugely exciting revesting teams we haven’t spoken about in a while, namely the Adelaide 36ers and their results falling well below expectations. Yet, as they say, “When you hit rock bottom, the only way is up”! In addition to the Illawarra Hawks hitting rock bottom…

On the positive side, though, there were also multiple success stories. New Zealand and Cairns captured the hearts of fans all over Australia as they made stunning charges up the standings and into the playoffs. Thus this episode served as an excellent opportunity to revisit them.

Free agency news is still coming thick and fast, so stay updated with all of our socials (link below) for when the latest trades break. It is shaping up as one of recent memory’s most chaotic free agency periods.

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