#161 Th-riday Show | Rogue One

Car on the open Road

It’s a double entendre! Matty B and the Sherpa are recording live from the Car, and it goes rogue! But after Matty breaks down all things NBA and the Sherpa (very likely) wins his first draft, the boys do a Star Wars deep dive in honour of May the 4th day. Apologies to anyone who sits through our ramblings as we end the show with random clips of us talking rubbish from on the road.

Intro – 0:00:00
NBA Dribble – 0:02:47
Draft – 0:24:21
Road Tripping Clps – 00:37:36
May the 4th Star Wars Deep Dive – 0:41:48
More Road Tripping Nonsense – 1:07:38
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