The Conference Finals Are Now Upon Us | Crowning The Leagues Best | Ja Loses A Bag

The field is continuing to thin as the Conference finals are now upon us… and what a week of action it has been across all four matchups.

This week Nic returned for a little solo episode to break down all the fallout of these tantalising matchups. This included discussing the potential end of the Celtic’s young core and the Sun’s failure to cross the hump again.

We also looked at all the notable news to come out of the week, with the NBA crowning the league’s best players as the All-NBA teams were officially announced. And with that, bad news for Ja Morant. After being snubbed for a spot on one of the three teams, Ja lost a bag of money due to his contract clause. Tune in to hear Nic’s take on this high-profile snub.

The season is now rapidly approaching its crescendo, so stay up to date with all of our socials for when the latest news breaks. Check out the link below to never miss any of the action from across the NBA and NBL.

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