The NBA Finals Are Here | The Pistons Get The Full Monty | New Blood

The moment we’ve all been waiting for… The NBA Finals Are Here!

The whole squad was on deck this week to break down everything from a bumper week of finals action, including Game 1 of the Finals in Denver.

The team also looked at all the notable news from the week, including the Pistons getting the full Monty, as Monty Williams signed a six-year contract to become their new head coach.

And as the NBA draft is rapidly approaching, we thought we’d start showcasing some of the names to watch out for. This week is the first instalment of our draft showcase, where we shine a light on some of the other players outside of Victor Wembanyama that will feature in the upcoming draft.

Despite the on-court action starting its inevitable end, plenty of news is circling from the NBA and NBL. The best way to stay updated is by checking out the link below!

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