Eastern Conference Season Gradings | Brooklyn Weather The Storm | Knicks Got MSG Rocking This Season

Nic and Row returned this week to start their 2 part series of giving their end-of-season grades.

This week the lads tackled the Eastern Conference and all 15 teams within it… with some fairing better than others.

Despite going in as one of the title favourites, Brooklyn was able to weather an almighty storm to return to their grit and grind squad of a few seasons ago.

The Knicks were able to build on the excellent work they’ve done over the last couple of seasons and find their way into the second round of the playoffs.

Tune in to hear our thoughts and takes on all 15 teams… and subscribe wherever you listen to the show, so you can tune into next week’s episode as soon as it drops. It’s set to be a big one as the lads will be transitioning to the Western Conference.

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